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(controlled articular rotations)

Controlled articular rotations (CARs) are joint 'exercises' that are great for reducing pain and increasing range of motion (ROM). The joint capsules contain high numbers of mechanoreceptors 


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So many of us ignore the mobility and strength of our hips, and instead focus on the legs/glutes and back/core attached here. I cannot stress the importance of hip mobility enough, especially for athletes and high achievers. Try cycling through some of these hip exercises 3-4 times a week for 4-6 weeks for a BIG change in how your low back, legs, and performance feels. 

90/90 rotations

5-8 reps 3x/week

Standing hip CARS

5-8 reps 3x/week (ea. side)

90/90 heel taps

5-8 reps 3x/week (ea. side)

90/90 isometric holds

5-8 reps 3x/week (ea. side)

3-5 second holds

Int. rotation squat taps

5-8 reps 3x/week (ea. side)

Standing eagle stretch

2 min hold/ ea. side 3-5x/week

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